ACE Survey Bristish Section December 2016

ACE Survey British Section December 2016

In December 2016, ACE surveyed parents of children in the British Section of Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle.  Out of a total of 290 parents we received 79 replies.  Many thanks to all those who so kindly took the time to respond.  You can access all the results on the PDF link attached.  This survey and its results have been shared with the school administration for their consideration.  We hope to publish any response on our website.  You will see that there was a very good take up rate of the survey by parents in the GCSE year groups,  and less so in the TAL year group.  


We enclose below some of the survey findings:


Almost 80% of parents think their child enjoys going to school

Over two thirds think that the British Section does not offer enough extra curricular activities BUT almost 85% think these  activities are important

Over three quarters of parents would be interested in a community service programme at school

More than 60% of parents choose to sit the non-native speaker French IGCSE outside of the Lycée BUT 80% would prefer to do it inside

Only 6% believe that students get enough support when it comes to preparing for top university places/courses  

Over half of parents would like to see A level French sat in PAL not TAL

80% of parents reject the idea that there is too much homework

Just over 50% of parents would be in favour of setting class groups according to ability  

Opinions on staff-parent communications are fairly split, as are opinions on pastoral care in the British Section


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Thank you for your attention

parents ACE in charge of the British section